The City of Farmington is exploring and giving serious consideration to building a new All Abilities Park! We are in the very earliest stages of planning and development and need your input.

The All Abilities Park will be the first fully inclusive accessible and adaptive playground in San Juan County and the Four Corners region. This catalytic project will be constructed to universal design standards and will create an inclusive social playground environment that welcomes people of all ages, abilities, nationalities, health conditions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The construction of the All Abilities Park will allow the City to intentionally create programming to support the mental and physical health and well-being of Farmington and the surrounding region.

Tell us what elements you would like to see included in this new park!

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* 1. Please pick the top THREE (3) elements you would like to see included in this new park. 
NOTE: These are just some of the initial ideas for the park. Nothing has been decided or eliminated. If you have an idea, please add it under "Other".

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* 2. In regards to the All Abilities Park, how would you most accurately define yourself?

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