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* 1. Tell us what you know about LouisianaLawHelp.org.

* 2. Why do you use LouisianaLawHelp.org? You can pick more than one answer.

* 3. How often, more or less, do you use www.LouisianaLawHelp.org or other legal information sites?

  Every Day Every Week Every Month Less Often First visit to this site. First time looking for legal information online.
Other Websites.

* 4. Now please look at the site from a phone or other mobile device. Please tell us what kind of information is most important for you to see right away.

  Most Important Very Important In the middle Less Important Not Important.
How to find free legal help from a legal aid, pro bono, or other program.
How to find forms.
How to find information about an issue.
How to find a courthouse self help center.

* 5. How important is each of these topics to you?

  Not important to me. Somewhat important to me. Important. Very important. Most important.
Family and Children
Civil Rights
Government Benefits
Wills and Life Planning
The Legal System
Art and Culture
Self-Help Information (Court Forms, Legal Forms, How-to Videos, How to Go to Court without a Lawyer Resources)
Youth Rights
Civil Rights, Including Voting Rights

* 6. Would this site be easier for you to use if you could click to hear a recording of information on the site?

* 7. Which display works better for you on a website?

* 8. If you already use LouisianaLawHelp.org, how do you usually view the site?

* 9. Thank you, and here is a quick wrap-up question: how do you feel about using a phone to find information on the Web and for looking at a website?

  Very comfortable. Sort of -- I prefer to use a computer if I can. Not comfortable -- it is easier for me to use a computer. I am not sure.
Using a phone to find information online.
Using a phone to view website information.

* 10. Please offer any other comments that will help us remodel Louisiana LawHelp.org. We are redesigning the site to make it easier to use from a phone.