This survey is completley anonymous and is being conducted as part of a dissertation looking at armed policing in the UK. Thank you for your responses. 

* 3. What are your views about armed policing in the UK?

  Disagree Not Sure / Undecided Agree
I am happy with the current arrangements
There should be more armed officers
There should be fewer armed officers
All police officers should be routinely armed
Only specially trained officers should be armed
All police officers should be trained in firearms
Firearms and firearms officers should be available more locally, not just county / force wide resources
I would be happy / agree  to be trained and equipped with a firearm (handgun) if ordered to do so
I would volunteer to be trained and equipped with a firearm
More officers should have Taser 
All officers should carry Taser

* 4. Do you feel safe and adequaltey equipped to safely carry out your job?

* 5. Do you think more armed officers will affect the way offenders behave? 

* 6. Would you support a fully, routinely armed police service?

* 7. Would you carry a Taser if it became policy? 

* 9. What are your general views about armed police in the UK? and calls to be more armed?