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* 1. Cedar Living is founded on a deep respect for family and life values. Our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of seniors through an inter-generational community that offers exceptional living experiences and a strong sense of community.

Our goal is Better Facilities, Better Services, Better Community.

What would be your requirements for a community seniors facility dedicated to meeting community needs?

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* 2. Cedar Living hopes to create a “Neighbourhood First Program” that aims to assist in seniors' age-in-place needs. This program includes items such as
  • Providing independent living units to all seniors, with priority given to those who live in West Vancouver. 
  • 186 designated units for employee housing for people that work in West Vancouver and at 10% below market rental rate!
  • Public access trail by Brother's creek to connect Margree Pl. and Inglewood Ave.
Do you agree with the Neighbourhood First Program? What else would you suggest for this program?

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* 3. Through careful examination, by our sought-out expert consultants, Cedar Living acknowledges that this project’s location is on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Squamish Nation, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, and Musqueam Nation. 

To ensure we align with the District of West Vancouver, and to honour and respect First Nations' historic connection to the lands, Cedar Living will collaborate with First Nations to construct a 5,400 sq ft “West Vancouver Indigenous Culture Heritage Center”.

Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples requires constructive actions to create a more equitable and inclusive society.

Do you agree this is an important step toward reconciliation, taken by our Cedardale community?

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* 4. Our Cedar Living project is meant to strengthen the sense of community for all those who reside here. As such, Cedar Living plans to build a 2,000 sq ft “Cedardale Center” inside the building, accessible by all Cedardale neighbourhood residents. 

This space, so far, would be used for:
  • Cedardale Neighbourhood First Program
  • Fire Smart Committee
  • Fitness and Leisure Amenities
  • Public Washroom and Parking for Cedardale elementary school field users 
Is there anything else you would add to this list that you feel would further enhance Cedardales sense of community?

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* 5. Cedar Living is dedicated to alleviating traffic in West Vancouver, but more specifically, the Cedardale neighbourhood. We have addressed this, based on feedback, the following ways:
  • Moving to rental units only
  • Designating 186 units for West Vancouver Employees only
  • Free parking stalls for Cedardale Elementary School traffic of teachers and parents 
Outside of this, our independent living units will have sufficient amenities and supportive service to ensure Cedar Living is a self-sustaining community that does not add any additional burden to local traffic.

What else do you think Cedar Living can do for the community in terms of easing traffic?

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* 6. Having learned more about the steps Cedarliving has taken towards traffic in Cedardale, would you consider our project to be doing everything possible to mitigate traffic?

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* 7. From working with our list of expert consultants, we have learned that the trees on this property have been damaged by the hemlock looper moth which is a native species to our coastal forest ecosystem. These moths feed on trees which causes them to die which then become major wildfire hazards. 

After construction, Cedar Living will plant hundreds of trees that will be species with low flammability to limit the risk of wildfire, provide shade and of course, enhance the landscaping. 

Do you agree replanting low flammability vegetation will help prevent the neighbourhood from wildfire hazards?

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* 8. As mentioned, Cedarliving will build a public trail that follows Brother's creek across the site, with entrances at Inglewood Avenue and Margaree Place. 

In addition, Cedar Living will support widening Inglewood Avenue to add two bicycle lanes and rebuild the bridge across Brother’s Creek, which is greatly outdated. 

Do you think the public trail and bicycle lanes will improve the accessibility and sustainability of our Cedardale Neighbourhood? Do you have any other ideas on what would improve accessibility?                   

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* 9. The following amenities and services will be provided in Cedar Living.
Services Amenities
Chef-prepared nutritious meals plan Roof-top Dining hall
24 hours response and consultant nurse Café and Lounge
Specific Hi-Tech anti-aging program GYM/Theater/Billiard room
Hair salon and spa Art & craft activity room
Social and family connection assistant Guest suite
Transportation shuttle Underground parking
Housing keeping and laundry Storage locker
Physical and mental fitness activities Community shared space

Are there any other amenities or services you would add?

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* 10. Cedarliving is thinking of providing a '3-month Rent-Free' Coupon towards the rental of an independent living unit that will be offered to a limited number of West Vancouver residents who are actively supporting Cedar Living. 

Do you like the idea of this as a gift for continuing neighbourhood engagement?

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