My intentions, commitments and active participation

The Trans-Spiritual Council will be convening in Tacoma Washington September 19 - 24, 2012 to offer ceremony, to learn, share and teach together in community. Intending to engage LGBTQI community, parents of LGBTQI youth, allies, community/spiritual leaders, teachers and the community at large. We also intend to deepen the dialogue, inspire co-creativity, enliven a sense of unity and express our vision for a peaceful future of cooperation and continuity in these auspicious times.
The Council lovingly extends an invitation to the public at large in participating in the various public activities that will occur in Olympia, Tacoma & Gig Harbor. To help in the dialogue and active engagements, the Council requests you fill out this form and submit it to us. For those submission prior to September 19, 2012- we'll be able to respond to them as we're together with you. (instructions below). This gives us a sense of what compels you to participate in these activities, interests you may have in the Trans-spiritual Council and what vision you have.

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