* 1. How would you rate your current level of awareness of what Downtown Kenosha has to offer in terms of businesses, events, and residential living?

* 2. Have you visited any businesses in Downtown Kenosha in the last 12 months?

* 3. What are the biggest obstacles that may prevent you from coming to the downtown area?

* 4. What type of attractions/promotions would encourage you to begin visiting Downtown Kenosha?

* 5. Would you consider living in Downtown Kenosha at some point in the future?

* 6. What types of businesses or events would encourage you to want to frequent the downtown area (i.e. restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, taverns, market shopping, concerts etc.), and are there any specific types of businesses or events that you feel are presently lacking?

* 7. Please indicate your gender.

* 8. Please indicate your age range.

* 9. Please feel free to visit the website below for more information about what Downtown Kenosha presently has to offer, including the latest Second Saturday events and promotions! www.downtownkenosha.org