Girl Scouts of Western New York will offer a gluten-free Girl Scout Cookie again this year.  Troops must let us know of their intent to participate in advance of our normal ordering and selling period.  Preorder of Trios is required by ABC due to the special requirements of gluten-free products. 

If your troop would like to order Gluten Free Trios, please read the details below and submit your order by September 22, 2017.

· We can only guarantee product to troops who special order the gluten-free cookies by September 22, 2017.

· Order by full cases ONLY.  Cookies will be available with the troop’s initial cookie order at delivery. 

· Trios will not appear on the cookie order card.

· Trios will appear in Smart Cookie (Snap) for the purpose of girl recognitions, troop proceeds and billing.

* 1. Troop Number:

* 2. Service Unit Name:

* 3. Troop Contact Person First Name:

* 4. Troop Contact Person Last Name:

* 5. Phone Number:

* 6. E-mail address:

* 7. Mailing address:

* 8. I would like to order the following amount of Gluten-Free Trios cookies (Indicate cases only..12 pouches per case) @$60.00 per case.

Please order in case amounts. 1= 12 pouches

*Cookies are to be picked up at your troop's initial delivery*