Welcome to our online registration system. Please answer all the questions and click on "DONE" at the end. You will not see a screen that says "thanks for registering" nor will you receive e-mail confirmation because this service is not currently available to us. But your instructor will email you directly when he or she gets their class list each week. If you don't hear from your teacher within a week, please email jess@guitarsintheclassroom.org to ask for confirmation. Note: Sometimes registration forms are eaten by the Surveymonkey.com cyber dog. We don't know why. And sometimes teachers accidentally make a typo when giving us their emails so please be extra careful filling in that information. Thanks very much for your help and interest!

* 1. Please tell us about you and where you work.

* 3. Your Contact Information

* 4. Have you ever taken a GITC class before? Please check ALL levels you have completed so far.

* 5. If you have never taken a class with us before and you already play guitar and or ukulele, please describe your skills at present so we can understand how best to serve you.

* 7. Your title or classification:

* 8. What grades or subjects do you teach or assist with?

* 9. How many years have you been in education?

* 10. How many different students on average do you serve each week? This number should include EVERY student you see in every educational setting in which you serve.
*For traveling specialists, please add all students from all sites together in this figure.
*For teachers who substitute, please give a normal weekly total.
*For special educators please add students in your class or on your case load plus students in mainstreamed classrooms where you may "push in."
*For classified staff, please count all students with whom you have contact.

* 11. Which of these student populations are you most interested in serving through music in your school? Please check ALL that apply.

* 12. What are your top reasons for enrolling in a GITC training course at this time?

* 13. Would you like to borrow a guitar from GITC for use in your classroom? You may take it home and out and about, too as part of becoming a player. This will be a long term guitar loan and you will be asked to register the guitar online. (You may return it when you are ready to purchase a guitar of your own and we will loan it to a new teacher.)

* 14. How did you hear about Guitars in the Classroom?
(Check all that apply.)

* 15. Is there someone at your school who you'd like us to speak with about this program? If so, please provide contact information below.

* 16. Is it okay if we share your information with our program sponsors? You will not receive any SPAM from any sponsor companies.

* 17. Thanks for registering for Guitars in the Classroom! All of us with GITC- our small staff, faculty, board members and volunteers welcome you to an experience we hope will add value and joy to your life and your work! We are so glad to be able to offer this class to you.

The monetary value of the training, instruments and supplies for 8 weeks of participation comes to about $700 per teacher so please think of your inclusion as a well-deserved grant. We are grateful for your time, dedication and enthusiasm!

Does your school have a program through which they can contribute to covering the cost of your training? We are ready to help this process along, if so and appreciate you letting us know so we can follow up.

If you wish to contribute to covering a portion of the costs associated with your training by making a charitable, tax deductible donation of any amount to Guitars in the Classroom, we really appreciate your participation. We have special giving days online with bonus matches. We'll send an email when those come along. But you can donate anytime at www.guitarsintheclassroom.org.

Every gift makes a difference - including the gift of your time. If this is not an easy time to donate, that is alright, too. Please know we are really happy to have you in class. With GITC, your growing musicality and your desire to lead songs for learning with students is what matters most of all!

Want to follow up with us? If you have any questions, please email jess@guitarsintheclassroom.org and we hope you'll also join us on facebook to be a part of our growing online community! We're really looking forward to seeing you in class very soon!