Background to Survey

Over the past three decades there has been a proliferation of courses in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T), and this makes it challenging to have a sense of the size and diversity of the discipline. Therefore, there is strong support for a national assessment of the current scope and major trends in the teaching of GIS&T. This assessment should be a valuable resource for every segment of our discipline including those that impact workforce issues. The results will provide a basis for evaluating some of the assumptions about the growth of the discipline. With the new digital production of the GIS&T Body of Knowledge, we are interested in understanding how well our coverage of topics is consistent with what is taught in GIS&T classes.

In addition to measuring the scope of the field, this project also aims to chronicle the diverse ways GIS&T education has expanded across disciplines; how instructional methods and content have changed; and how well graduates are prepared for the workplace.

We would also like to capture the impact of technological and societal changes on the faculty teaching GIS&T courses. For example, how are instructors dealing with changing technology and do they find it rewarding and enjoyable.

Thus our goal is to conduct a nationwide assessment of all higher education courses that provide instruction in the use of GIS&T procedures; those that deal with the design, implementation and impact of the technology; and those that cover new frontiers of GI Science. We aim to include every course from two-year certificate programs to Ph.D. level seminars.

This survey is endorsed by Esri, the University Consortium on Geographic Information Science (UCGIS), the American Association of Geographers (AAG), and the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS).

The survey will remain open through Friday, March 24, 2017. Once completed, the summary results will be openly available in several formats but individual responses will be not be released.

The effort is directed by David Cowen, professor emeritus, University of South Carolina.

Instructions: Please complete this survey once for each GIS&T course that you teach. If you teach multiple GIS&T courses, please complete the survey multiple times. The survey takes < 10 minutes to complete. Please share this with any of your colleagues who teach GIS&T courses. This survey is intended primarily for courses being taught at institutions in the United States, but others can submit data as well. 

* 1. Instructor's Name (for internal purposes - will not be shared)

* 2. Email Address (for internal purposes - will not be shared)

* 3. What is your position at your primary institution?

* 4. What is the University or College where this course is taught?

* 5. What department is this GIS&T course offered within?

* 6. What is the title of this GIS&T course? (please complete this survey multiple times for each GIS&T class you teach)

* 7. If your course has a public online website, what is its URL?

* 8. What is the estimated enrollment of this GIS&T class for each time it is taught during the 2016-17 academic year?

* 9. How frequently is this GIS&T class usually offered?

* 10. How long ago was this GIS&T class first offered at this institution?

* 11. What level is this course considered?

* 12. Which of the following best represents the academic setting for this course? (select all that apply)

* 13. What best represents the majority of students enrolled in the course?

* 14. Please identify the areas of content that your course covers. (select all that apply)

* 15. Does this course expect students to complete exercises using GIS software during or outside of class time?

* 16. What software environment(s) do students use during this class? (select all that apply)

* 17. Which of the following best describes the typical format and requirements of your class? (select all that apply)

* 18. What type of supporting materials to you use in the course? (select all that apply)

* 19. How many years have you been teaching this GIS&T class at this institution?

* 20. How many years have you been teaching a GIS&T class like this at any institution? 

* 21. Over the time that you have been teaching, what changes have you made in the ways that you teach GIS?

* 22. If you have made changes to the ways that you have been teaching, what types of changes have you made? (select all that apply)

* 23. How would you assess the demand for this GIS&T course?

* 24. Which of the following best represents your experience with technology? Select all that apply.

* 25. Which of the following best represents your overall experience in teaching this course? (select all that apply)

* 26. What is your sense of student experiences in your class? (select all that apply)

* 27. What is your sense of how this course prepares students to join the workforce in their chosen discipline?

* 28. Feel free to provide other comments about your experiences teaching GIS&T.