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Welcome to GIFT (Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training)'s Money for Our Movements: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference, and thanks for offering to be a volunteer workshop presenter or caucus/discussion facilitator.

The conference brings together hundreds of fundraisers, activists, and organizers to share our collective wisdom, skills, and talents.

We have four goals for this conference:
1. Insert a race, class, social justice, and movement-building lens into fundraising, so that values and practice around fundraising match political goals. Insert a grassroots fundraising lens into movement-building

2. Help people of color social justice activists begin and stay in fundraising

3. Share the fundraising stories, examples, and case studies of social justice grassroots groups based in communities of color and low-income communities

4. Inspire and support organizations to practice grassroots fundraising in a sustainable way that fosters an abundance mentality, strong relationships, community accountability, base-building, and honest conversations about money, race, and class

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