* 1. This program introduced me to new ideas or provoked me to think more critically about planning trails.

* 2. This summit and the issues discussed were relevant to my community, now or in the future.

* 3. The ideas or techniques presented in this summit are useful to me as I do my job or serve the community.

* 4. Speakers were knowledgeable and presented their session well at the Georgia Trail Summit.

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
Engaging people of color with nature
Columbus’ missing link: Designing the Dragonfly
Equity and trails: Atlanta’s Proctor Creek Greenway
Equity and trails: Affordable housing on the BeltLine
Highlands to Islands Trail for health and mobility
Setting a vision for public parks
Planning and building the Firefly Trail
Best Practices for bike parking and repair
Building award-winning trails at Cochran Mill Park
Award winning horse trails at FDR State Park
Innovative funding solutions for trails in Tennessee
Vision 53: Accessing the Chattahoochee waterfront
Show me the money: Public funding options for trails
The First Step from brownfields
Think Big. Manage Small: Concept to constructing mega-trails
Develop the Georgia Trails Alliance & Spotlight on trail concepts that are brewing
Restoring 50 miles of trail on Cumberland Island
Building Trails and Parks in Retirement
Making the case for trails with existing resources
Building a water trail to activate your local river
Atlanta BeltLine, Phase 2: Building the Westside Trail
Sustainable trail construction from a contractor’s view
Blazing Trails: Partnering with Universities in Community Trail Projects
Reclaiming and connecting urban waterfront trails
Sweet tea and Southern hospitality are no longer enough - Tourism
Recipe for successful trail towns:  Carrollton, Columbus, LaGrange and Newnan
Collaborating with land trusts to build trails
Enhancing trails’ value: Health policies that work
Managing 300 miles of the Benton MacKaye Trail with volunteers

* 5. How much value for the money was the Georgia Trail Summit? ($100 for all 3 days + meals + workshops)

* 6. Were you well informed about the event, prior to the Summit?

* 7. Was the summit length too long, too short, or about right?

* 8. How would you rate the mobile workshops?

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
Walking history of the Riverwalk en route to party
Raft the Hooch with Whitewater Express
Bike Connections: Riverwalk>Dragonfly>Fall Line Trace Rail Trail
Stroll our Tree Canopy w/Trees Columbus
Paddle the Hooch from CSU's Oxbow Nature Ctr
Mountain bike Flat Rock Trail w/SORBA
Equestrian trail ride at FDR Park
MLK Heritage Trail Walk
Geocache along the Riverwalk
Trail run with Big Dog Running
Bike tour Callaway Gardens Discovery Trail

* 9. Which area do you most closely represent at this event?

* 10. What suggestions do you have for improving this event?