The IAFC Safety, Health and Survival (SHS) Section is committed to reducing injuries and deaths in our fire service. Does your department have a program that has resulted in improved health and safety of your personnel? We want to share it!

*Program must be directly applicable to improving the safety and health of firefighters. Examples include medical evaluations, exposure control, fitness, fireground operational safety and rehabilitation, roadway safety, behavioral health, etc.

* 1. Tell us about your health and safety program

* 2. How has your program helped to improve the health and safety of your members?

* 3. How can fire departments find out more information?

* 4. What is your department makeup? 

* 5. What is your department response area?

* 6. What is your population served?

* 7. What is your contact information?

* 8. Please upload your program materials

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