Thank you for answering this anonymous survey. When I told my editor at Attorney at Work about the idea of writing a post about making a commitment to stop doing things that negatively impact my career, she suggested I kick this question out to other lawyers and see if there are any patterns or common responses.

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As lawyers, entrepreneurs, and people, there’s always pressure to try to do more – get more done, bill more hours, more, more, more. We have a plethora of options of to-do lists and productivity apps and strategies.
I recently attended TBD Law – an unconference about being more efficient and effective at a core level. As we looked to what we needed to do in the next coming weeks, our facilitators asked, what things we need to commit to stop doing and never do again.
I had to admit that I need to stop watching YouTube and crap websurfing in my office. I’ll say I’m just taking a quick “brain break” but I'll fall into the social media abyss for hours.
When you consider your future plans as a lawyer and a person, what’s the one thing you need to commit to stop doing and never doing again?