"There is nothing more important than a good, safe, and secure home" - Rosalynn Carter

What does home mean to you and the person you are guardian for? We need your help to build the future of residential services provided to individuals served by Genesee Health System (GHS). Our goal is to improve the quality of lives by providing more living options to those we serve.

Please note: This survey is voluntary and you may opt out at any time. Your feedback will be shared with a GHS workgroup but any personal information you provide will remain anonymous. Any reports of neglect or abuse in this survey are subject to mandated reporting laws.

The following questions are regarding the person you are guardian for/your loved one. Please answer based on the last 12 months.

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* 1. Their Supports Coordinator/Case Manager knows them well enough to know where they want to live.

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* 2. Their Supports Coordinator/Case Manager helped them to take part in decisions about where they live.

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* 3. They would know how to ask for a different place to live if they wanted to move.

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