* 1. Have you visited any pages on the Trust website which inform you about how the Trust uses your personal information and keeps this secure and confidential?

If No, please go to question 8

* 2. Have you visited the Patient Information Leaflet section of the website?

* 3. Have you seen the “How we use your personal information leaflet” on the website?

* 4. Did you find the leaflets clear and easy to understand?

* 5. Have you ever visited the Trust’s Publication Scheme on the website? If no please go to Q 8

* 6. If yes, did you find the information you were looking for?

* 7. If no, what information were you trying to find?

* 8. Are you aware that the Trust requires consent to share your personal information if this is not directly related to your care / or treatment, so for example we would share information with your GP about the care you receive at the hospital but we wouldn’t share with a charity if you have not consented to this.

* 9. Are you aware about your choice regarding disclosure of your information?

* 10. Would you like further details about how the Trust uses your personal information?

* 11. Are you aware that if you decide to withhold information to staff who are treating you this does not affect the way they are handled by staff but it may reduce the number of treatment options available to you?

* 12. Which of the following do you think the Trust shares personal information with without directly asking you for your consent?

* 13. Are you aware that you can request to have access to copies of your health records?

* 14. On attending  an appointment or admission to the hospital, were you asked if your personal details were correct such as name, address, date of birth etc?

* 15. If yes, when you were asked to check your personal details, how was this done?

* 16. Did you know you can ask the Trust about any information which it holds which is about the business of the Trust (for example, minutes of meetings, policies and procedures)?

* 17. Have you heard of Share to Care?

* 18. Into which age bracket do you fall?

* 19. If you have indicated that you would like further details about anything mentioned in the survey please enter your name and either your email address or home address in the box below.

* 20. Any further comments regarding the use of your personal information

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey, your views are important to us