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The 2019 SHIFT Festival is developing the business case for nature as medicine as a way to advance the economic and practical applications of nature as a social determinant of health.

Led by Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar, Director of The Envirome Insitute at the University of Louisville, and Dr. Terry Horton, Associate Professor of Research in the Department of Anthropology at Northwestern University, the “Evidence for Action” Steering Committee is helping SHIFT organizers build a poster session that showcases basic and applied research that can inform the discussion by contributing to the evidence base.

We welcome abstracts that examine the effects of nature contact, outdoor recreation, and time outside on the mind and body.


Please note:
It is the author’s responsibility to submit an honest and scientifically-credible abstract. Accepted abstracts will be published in the meeting program APP as they were prepared. Thus, if accepted, any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific facts present in the submitted abstract will appear in the program. Please, proof read your abstract carefully.

Finally, the presenting author of an accepted abstract must register for the SHIFT Festival. Information on registration can be found here:  

Question Title

* 1. Presenting Author Information

Question Title

* 2. What organization do you represent?

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* 4. Co-Author Information
For up to three co-authors, please use this format:  A.B. Doe, C.D. Smith, and E.F. Jones. For three or more co-authors please use A.B. Doe, C.D. Smith, E.F. Jones, et al.

Question Title

* 5. Help us categorize your abstract by selecting the terms that describe your abstract:
Type of Research

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* 6. Research Domain (Select up to 3 from A & B Combined)

A. Domains as described by Frumkin et al. 2017 Environmental Health Perspectives 125(7):075001, DOI 10.1289/EHP1663. 

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* B.  Domains associated with coupled human and natural systems (e.g. the National Science Foundation’s initiative on the Dynamics of Integrated Human and Natural Systems Program Solicitation NSF19-528

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* 7. Title of Abstract

Your abstract must be written in plain English and understandable by a general audience. Your abstract should be no longer than 450 words and should not include citations. The abstract should contain information on the following: background, description of the research methods, results, and a summary statement. All abstracts must be submitted online as PDFs using Arial font size 10 and single line spacing.The abstract should only include the abstract title and text.

DO NOT type “Abstract” at the start of the main text. Do not indent the first line.  Keywords should not be included in the abstract. 

DO NOT use figures or diagrams in your abstract.   

Please note:  All abstracts will be reviewed. The presenting authors will be notified of acceptance by October 1, 2019.

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* 8. Please upload your abstract here

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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* 9. If your poster is accepted, would you like your abstract to be featured on the SHIFT resource webpage? Note: All abstracts will be made available to meeting attendees on the SHIFT Meeting App (WHOVA). This question refers to an additional presence on the SHIFT resource page which will be searchable on the internet.

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* 10. If your abstract is accepted for presentation, would you also be interested in serving on the panel discussion for "Building the Business Case: Evidence for Nature as a Social Determinant of Health"?

Poster Notes:
Accepted authors will be given space 48" tall by 36" wide with which to display their research.

What's provided:
  • 5 foot tall easel 
  • 48"x 36" cardboard backing for a poster or paper 
  • Ample space to display your work
  • A group of passionate researchers, policy makers, and organizational leaders ready to hear your work!

What's not provided:
  • A printed copy of your poster
  • Registration fees for the SHIFT Festival (discounted rate provided for accepted authors)

If you are selected, you will need to:
  • Register for the full, 3-day conference at the discounted rate of $350.00 US.
  • Make and cover the cost of your travel and lodging arrangements.
If you believe this will be an issue, please contact Elizabeth at
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