Help Turn the Spotlight on Leadership

Our children watch as our leaders mislead, point the finger at others, spend recklessly, put political correctness ahead of right and wrong, accept spin as facts, get more attention with negative attacks than solving issues, bow to special interests, and routinely accept the unacceptable.

Traditional media now turns a blind eye on many things going on when it furthers their personal agendas to look the other way.

Our public education system fails many students. Yet comprehensive reform is suffocated by special interests, political agendas and wasteful spending.

All government entities are run on OUR money. It is our money - not their money. We work hard to earn the money that they take to spend. We earn it. They spend it! We are accountable to manage our money effectively. If we don't have it, we don't spend it. They apparently feel they don't have to be accountable, effective, or transparent!

It is time to demonstrate to leadership that 'we the people' can see, can think and can communicate.

Working together we can make a difference and turn the spotlight on what leaders are doing with OUR money.

Please provide examples of what you consider unacceptable actions and behaviors of leaders that are teaching our children that it is okay to accept the unacceptable because no one is speaking up against it. Our silence signifies approval.

We can make a difference by turning the spotlight on leadership and putting their actions on the Hillbilly Hotseat.

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* 1. Where does the spotlight need to be turned on?

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