MPO Information

What is the Greater Hickory Metropolitan Planning Organization (GHMPO)? The GHMPO is a federally mandated and federally funded transportation policy-making organization in the United States that is made up of representatives from local government and governmental transportation authorities. The GHMPO is one of 19 MPOs in North Carolina. 
What is a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)? Each metropolitan planning organization (MPO) must prepare a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), in accordance with 49 USC 5303(i), to accomplish the objectives outlined by the MPO, the state, and the public transportation providers with respect to the development of the metropolitan area’s transportation network. This plan must identify how the metropolitan area will manage and operate a multi-modal transportation system (including transit, highway, bicycle, pedestrian, and accessible transportation) to meet the region’s economic, transportation, development and sustainability goals – among others – for a 20+-year planning horizon, while remaining fiscally constrained.
This survey is meant to gain a better understanding of the wants and needs of citizens of the Hickory Metropolitan Statistical Area. This information will be used to better prioritize investments and projects in the coming years. 
Responding to an engaged public, the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan has set forth a vision to develop a well-balanced transportation system that promotes good quality of life while enhancing the unique character of the four-county region.  
For more information, or questions about this survey, please contact:
Brian Horton
Averi Ritchie

Duncan Cavanaugh