* 1. Based upon your overall experience, please rate your satisfaction with Customer Service in the following areas:

  5-Very satisfied 4-Somewhat satisfied 3-Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 2-Somewhat dissatisfied 1-Very dissatisfied
Issue resolution
Quality of service
Promptness of answering phone
Overall quality of issue handling
Professionalism of Representative
Helpfulness of Representative
Ease of contacting Customer Service
Promptness of email response
Understanding my needs

* 2. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:

  5-Strongly agree 4-Agree 3-Neutral 2-Disagree 1-Strongly disagree
The Customer Representative was knowledgeable
The Customer Representative patient
The Customer Representative was courteous and friendly
The Customer Representative was responsive
The Customer Representative answered your question in a timely fashion

* 3. Please indicate your level of agreement of disagreement with each of the following sentences

  5-Strongly agree 4-Agree 3-Neutral 2-Disagree 1-Strongly disagree
Infasco offers excellent service to our customers
Customer satisfaction is an everyday priority to our organization
Infasco does a good job responding to customers when their needs change
Infasco's customers feel that we strive to satisfy.

* 4. Please rate our website, www.infasco.com

  5-Extremely easy 4-Very easy 3-Moderately easy 2-Slightly easy 1-Not easy at all
How easy is it to navigate our website?
How easy is it to find the information you are looking for?
How easy is to to download files from our website?
How easy was the checkout process on our website?
How easy is it to contact technical support?

* 5. How easy is it to contact your Account Manager

* 6. How often would you like a visit from your Account Manager?