1. Travel Support Application

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To submit your application for travel reimbursement from the Neuroscience Graduate Program travel fund, please answer the questions below with as much detail as possible.

Preference will be given to 1st year Master's students, PhD students within 4 years of starting with Grad Studies and 1st Author presenters.

A supporting E-mail must be sent to smurphy@mcmaster.ca by your supervisor saying how much $ they will be contributing for this trip and why this conference (course etc) is important for your development as a student.

The maximum award will be $500. Any amount requested over $75.00 MUST be matched by your supervisors contribution.

***Attendance of 80% or higher at Colloquium, Journal Club and Seminar Series meetings must be maintained in order to qualify for any program funding.***

Please ensure that you have investigated all possible avenues of obtaining travel monies (Supervisor, GSA Fund, Yates Fund, Conference travel awards etc).
General Guidelines For Travel Requests

Here is some helpful information to guide you with your requests for travel funds. If you are "presenting a poster or giving a talk", in general, the program may provide support equivalent to half of your registration and travel costs (eg Airfare,train fare, bus fare) up to a maximum annual level of ~ $500. (which must be matched by your supervisor)

Only 1 request will be accepted per student per year.

If you are only "attending" a conference, the program will generally only provide support up to half of your registration cost (or $75 whichever is less. No matching contribution will be required for this claim.)

If you are requesting an amount greater than these levels you will need to provide additional information (1) justifying the need (2) confirmation of the amount of support from your supervisor and (3) showing that you have applied to other sources of travel support.

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* Total Amount Requested MAX $500.00

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* Purpose of Travel (if conference, please indicate name, date and sponsoring organization and, if available, a conference program and abstract)

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* Are you a First Author presenter?

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* How will this contribute to your academic development?