At Monte Nido & Affiliates, we save lives while providing the opportunity for people to realize their healthy selves. 

One of the ways we want to help support others visions of providing opportunities for them to realize their healthy selves is through our Sea Glass Grant opportunity.  A Sea Glass Grant aims to support small projects that create, develop of communicate a project that supports eating disorder recovery and health self-image.  Every quarter we will fund three grants:

 - One $500 grant to a  project that has secured non-profit status
 - Two $250 grants to a project that has not secured non-profit status

Sea Glass Grants are open for application quarterly on March 1, June 1, September 1 and Dec 1 of each year, with funding provided approximately one month later.  Applicants may re-apply for a grant every two years.  To apply for a Sea Glass Grant, please complete the below application.

* 1. Your full name:

* 2. Your email:

* 3. Your phone number:

* 4. Your city and state:

* 5. What do you call your project?

* 6. What inspired you to begin your project?

* 7. Tell us a little bit about your project

* 8. Have you secured non-profit status for this project?

* 9. Please describe the timeframes or locations associated with your project:

* 10. How will your project or initiative continue or sustain funding over time?

* 11. Please describe most realistically what part of your project a Sea Glass Grant would fund:

* 12. What are your other funding sources currently?

* 13. How does your project fit within our initiative of providing the opportunity for people to realize their healthy selves?

* 14. Is your project or initiative in alignment with any of our core philosophies or approaches to treating eating disorders?

* 15. Can you share any other information that will help us decide on whether to fund your project or not?

* 16. Are you an alumni of one of our programs? (This will not affect your funding)