1. Help us plan webinars for 2011!

Hi Fair Trade Advocate:

FTRN values your suggestions for future webinars, as we're planning 15 webinars for 2011. Thanks for taking 5-10 min. to complete the survey below.

* 1. Are you and/or your organization likely to participate in 55-min. webinars on the following topics in 2011?

  Yes Maybe No
1. Do producers have appropriate voice and power in FT systems?
2. Declaring a Higher Vision and/or Tiered System for Fair Trade
3. How Producers Can Meet FT Standards; Establishing Internal Control Systems
4. How to Host a Great World Fair Trade Day Event
5. Comparing FT and Ethical Labels
6. State of the Fair Trade Movement
7. Assessing the Impacts of Fair Trade
8. Reducing the Risk of Fairwashing: Minimum Content Standards for Multi-ingredient Products and Other Requirements for Brandholders
9. Assessing the credibility of organizational screening (FTF, WFTO)
10. Issues in certifying crafts and other non-food items
11. Evaluating labor rights in FLO and IMO
12. Comparing different definitions of Fair Trade
13. Ideas for new goals and makeup of the Fair Trade movement
14. Actions for trade policy reform

* 2. What other webinar topics would you participate in?
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