Social enterprises are illuminating new ways of doing business where profits and social impact go hand in hand.

In today’s current business landscape, Pacific entrepreneurs with a ‘heart to make a difference’ can leverage the social enterprise movement to make sense of what they are already doing. It’s a business model that places the well being of family, community and society at the center of its mission; and is driven not purely by financial profits but also by social, environmental and cultural profits as well.

The Social enterprise movement is also a circuit breaker. It has created new pathways for community change makers innovating within their community to step into the business realm and set up income generating ventures helping to solve community problems and to meet real needs.

For priority audiences from the Pacific business and Pacific community, we have secured partnerships to fully subsidise your attendance at the Summit. Given there are limited seats, we will be asking everyone to register their interest to attend, so we can assess and distribute tickets so we can have the right people around the table.

If you are outside of this group, there will be a charge of $200 to attend the day.

To apply for a place at any one of the three events, simply apply by pushing the button below no later than the 31st of May, 2019. 

The sooner you can submit your EOI – the quicker you will be notified of the outcome.

EOI received between 19th  May and 23th May will be notified by  Friday 24th May
EOI received between 24th May and 31st May will be notified by Wed 5th June
Please note that EOI submitted after May 31st will be placed on a waiting list and you be notified by Thursday 13th June if places are available.