Interest Survey for Volunteers and Members of Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Coalition

The membership of Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Coalition possesses a great wealth of diverse talents.
We have been working on several projects but we need help from our talented members to continue to expand our involvement in the community.
Please consider volunteering to help promote, protect, and support breastfeeding in the Lehigh Valley.
Just ONE HOUR of your time can help babies, mothers, and families in our community.
Thank you!

* 1. I want to help!

* 2. Event Planning & Staffing
LVBC sponsored events such as Big Latch On and screenings of films require planning and coordination.
LVBC participation in other events, such as Community Health Fairs, involve volunteers to set up, staff a table/booth, and clean up, as well as prep work before the event (researching events, vendor applications, printing of materials, etc.)
Please indicate your preferred involvement level below.

* 3. Knowledge Sharing
On occasion, organizations will contact us asking if we have anyone to speak or present on a breastfeeding related topic. LVBC also has a blog that is in need of more posts from a variety guest writers telling their breastfeeding story or gently informing our audience about a breastfeeding topic.
Please indicate your preferred level of involvement below.

* 4. Website and Social Media 
LVBC has a website which needs periodic updating and maintenance.
We also post daily on multiple social media networks.
Please indicate your preferred level of involvement below.

* 5. Printed Publications and Marketing/Advertising
LVBC currently has a few printed publications for various audiences and, over time, would like to generate more.
We also need to increase our visibility throughout the Lehigh Valley community through a variety of channels.

* 6. Membership and BFLV Participation
As we proceed towards finalizing our 501c3 Nonprofit Status, we are working towards building a dues-paying membership base.
We also are building a Baby Friendly Lehigh Valley by working with businesses, employers, childcare providers, and other agencies.

* 7. Other
If you have another way you'd like to help LVBC, please let us know here.
Thank you for your time!