About this questionnaire

This questionnaire is composed of ten everyday scenarios. The purpose of these scenarios is to open a window onto the everyday world of questioning and to examine the nature of questions. Please read each of the scenarios and ask yourself the following;

In the scenario, was there a question

Feel free to take as much or as little time as you would like. This is not intended as a test of unreflective intuitions but you may find that some of the scenarios require very little reflection in which case your response might be fairly immediate. Others of the scenarios may not be immediately obvious to you in which case you might want to engage in deeper reflection.

In each case there will be an option to explain your answer or describe the thought processes that went into it. Any response you provide here will be invaluable to the study so please feel free to give as much detail as you wish.

This questionnaire forms part of a PhD project at the University of Edinburgh examining the nature and value of questioning. The results will be stored anonymously and may be used to inform academic publications and presentations as part of the ongoing research.

Have Fun