* 1. Of the following products and services that the Foundation of Light provides, which are you aware of? Please select all that apply.

* 2. How important are the following causes to you?

  Very unimportant Quite unimportant Neither important nor unimportant Quite important Very important
Engaging teenagers on evenings and weekends with the knock on effect of reducing youth crime
Improving general/mainstream sporting opportunities for youngsters
Improving numeracy and literacy with primary school children
Identifying and developing gifted and talented young footballers to improve quality at the Sunderland AFC Academy of Light and the Girls’ Centre of Excellence
Helping families come closer together
Helping unemployed people into work
Providing opportunities for young school leavers to gain skills, qualifications and experience
Anti-bullying, anti-racism and positive behaviour programmes in schools and youth institutions
Helping families support their children’s learning and school work
Giving disabled youngsters the opportunity to participate in sport