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Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the Governors consultation on The King Edward VI Education Trust. Before completing the survey please ensure that you have read the Headmaster's letter and reviewed the FAQ document. The committed may also want to look through the different research articles and weblinks for more information.

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James Lascelles

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* 1. This question will help us to identify and analyse responses from different groups. Please tick the group that you belong to.

Question Title

* 2. The Governors are interested in capturing the views of parents, pupils and other members of the community. The box below gives people the opportunity to voice their views on the proposals and we are happy to accept them in whatever format that may take - a list of pros and cons, bullet pointed lists, questions and concerns. Once again please ensure you have considered the documentation on the Trust website before completing and submitting your views.

You can also submit additional information or a full written response by writing to or e mailing the Headmaster via or King Edward VI Grammar School, Edward Street, Louth, LN11 9LL.