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* 1. This is your Majesty, the Most High God, the Lord Lucifer. For Lo, I Lucifer give you what you desire, see my blessing unto thee from such results of my own works.
Would you like to be blessed with what you desire?


* 2. In the name of Satan, Lucifer, Belial & Leviathan and in the company of Astaroth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Abbadon & Azazel, & by all the demons named and nameless who swarm the Pits of Hell, I do happily sell my soul to the Devil, Satan-Lucifer, in exchange for

* 3. Yes, Oh my God and Lord Lucifer, I the person who has made a pact with you, I Oh Lord Lucifer denounce all unrighteous faith in the Holy Trinity of the Holy Bible, I denouce of all names of Jesus Christ, of Yahu Shuah, of Yshuah I denouce EliYahu, I denounce YHVH, I denouce YHVH Yisrael Shmaa, I O Lucifer the light of my soul denouce any other name.

* 4. Sign It with your First Name and Last. If you do not feel safe with your full name, perhaps use a "Nickname for your Last Name", Lucifer expects atleast a First Name or this will not take place. I recommend a First and Last for a blessing.