To celebrate members who distinguished themselves early in their CPA career through professional achievement which can include also volunteer service, with the emphasis being on professional accomplishment (defined as extraordinary contribution to one or more areas of above-average organizational performance or success).
In order to qualify for the Emerging Leader Award, a nominee must:
  • Be, and consistently have been, a member in good standing;
  • Have less than 10 years post-designation status;
  • Demonstrate significant achievements as outlined in the selection criteria;
  • Be working for an employer other than CPA New Brunswick or CPA Canada.
  • Recipients can only be awarded once;
  • Emerging Leader Awards are not granted posthumously.

Based on experience post designation only, and include one or more of the following areas:

Professional Achievements:
  •  Demonstration of the nominee's abilities relating to financial expertise, leadership, strategic thinking and business insight and how they contribute to achieving targeted objectives.
  • Nature of the achievements and impact on the nominee's organization, whether in public practice, business, industry, academia, NFP, or government.
  • Originality and innovative nature of the achievements.
  • Impact of the achievements on the targeted objectives, pursued outcomes, benefactor, or clientele.
  • Demonstration of the nominee's dynamism and determination in achieving targeted objectives or fulfilling responsibilities.
  • Nature and significance of the responsibilities assumed by the nominee throughout his or her career and career path.
  • Relationship between the nominee's achievements and future goals in terms of career development. 
Visibility of the Profession:
  • Contribution of the nominee's achievements to the visibility and repute of the profession. 
  • Nomination files should highlight the fact that the candidates clearly identify themselves as Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) and that they are known and recognized as CPAs. 
Community Service:
  • While a nomination will not be overlooked in the absence of having performed community service or volunteer work, the inclusion of a nominee's involvement in the community, in particular as a volunteer with community or charitable organizations, other not-for-profit organizations or professional groups, shall carry import in the consideration of the nominee.


  • Are not required to be a member of CPA New Brunswick;
  • Have known the nominee for a minimum of two years;
  • Must ensure that the file is complete and the information contained is accurate and sufficient to allow the CPA New Brunswick Member Recognition Committee to fairly evaluate the nomination.
  • While the nomination file must be complete, the CPA New Brunswick Member Recognition Committee reserves the right to have the main facts in support of a nomination validated by an outside source.
  • The recommendations of the Member Recognition Committee and the decision of the Board of Directors will primarily depend on the care taken to describe the member's achievements.
  • Once CPA New Brunswick's Board of Directors has approved the recommendations, the award winners will be contacted directly.  For unsuccessful nominations, the nominator will be contacted, as the nominee may not be aware that they have been nominated.
All completed nomination forms must be received by 4:00 p.m., October 1
All nominations received after that date will be filed for next year's Emerging Leader Awards