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* 1. Name, Block

* 2. A true-breeding fruit fly would be ____ for a certain characterisitc.

* 3. Alternative forms of genes for a particular characterisic are called

* 4. A pea plant with purple flowers is heterozygous for flower color. Its genotype is Pp. The P and p alleles in the pea plant's cells are located

* 5. a. The sex chromosomes of a human female are ____. The sex chromosomes of a human male are ___.
b. Most sex-linked traits in humans are carried on the ___ chromosome, and the recessive phenotypes are seen most often in ___.

* 6. When looking at the inheritance of a single characteristic, Mendel found that a cross between two true-breeding peas (between purple and white, for example) always yielded a ____ in the F2 generation.

* 7. A brown mouse is mated with a white mouse. All of their offspring are brown. If two of these brown offspring are mated, what fraction of their offspring will be white?

* 8. Suppose you wanted to know the genotype of one of the brown F2 mice in the previous question. The easiest way to do it would be to

* 9. A fruit fly has two genes for eye color, but each of its sperm cells has only one. This illustrates

* 10. Alternative forms of genes for a particular characteristic are called