* 1. My chances of getting food poisoning when living in Australia are:

* 2. The temperature of the refrigerator in my home is

* 3. Last time we had leftover cooked stew it was:

* 4. Which foods are most likely to cause food poisoning if cooked or stored incorrectly?
(You can choose more than one answer)

* 5. I’ve just used my cutting board to cut raw meat, poultry or fish. Now I want to chop up some vegetables for a salad. I will:

* 6. The last time we had hamburgers in my home, I ate mine:

* 7. I clean my kitchen counters and other surfaces that come in contact with food with:

* 8. When dishes are washed in my home, they are:

* 9. The last time I handled raw meat, poultry or fish, I cleaned my hands afterwards by:

* 10. Cooked meat, poultry and fish products are defrosted in my home by: