The Strategic Improvement Steering Group (SISG) was established by the Deputy Minister for Social Services in 2013. It was initially asked to advise on key features of the new national improvement body, the "Institute", which was described in the Regulation and Inspection White Paper and is now to be known as Social Care Wales. SISG produced initial advice for the Minister for Health and Social Services in December 2014. This can be accessed at...
The Minister has now asked SISG to do further work to refine priorities for Social Care Wales- which is expected to go live in April 2017.

I would be grateful if you would complete the short questionnaire attached which aims to begin to tease out in more detail what the priorities are by posing a short set of questions to stakeholders across the social care sector.

Social Care Wales will have limited resources and will have to make choices about where it invests its time and effort. Your response to this questionnaire will help to shape thinking about those choices. Some 1:1 interviews will also be undertaken cross sector to gain further insight.

Sally Ellis
Strategic Improvement Steering Group