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SIGN-UP for the Gettin' Off 4x4 Club BBQ Run August 14, 15 & 16 to Bear Valley Loop Trail, north of Truckee. 
Schedule: Most folks drive up Friday to set up camp.  Bring your own lunches, breakfasts, beverages, water, camp gear & optional gift.  We start the trail on Saturday morning.  BBQ prep begins in the late afternoon.  This year we have an optional bonus run on Sunday to Snake Lake.

Entre choices are  BBQ'ed Steak, Chicken or Fish is $10/person;  little kids are free.  Each 4x4 should bring a side item to share at the BBQ.  If your side item serves 10 or so, that's usually enough, as we often have leftovers. The Door Prize gift exchange after the BBQ is not hosted by the club.  If you'd like to join in the Door Prize exchange, bring an unwrapped outdoor or 4x4- related item in the $15-$20 range. 

We will be asking those attending to volunteer just a bit extra so no one gets stuck with all the cooking & clean up. 

f you have any questions, ask at the bottom of this form or email the club at  Thanks!

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* 1. Name, Vehicle and Arrival time:

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* 2. BBQ preferences for you & your guests:

  Steak ($10) Chicken ($10) Fish ($10) I will bring my own meat & BBQ or vegetarian meal Child under 13 ? (helps us plan amount of food) Is this person participating in the Door Prize Gift exchange? (If so, bring a gift) Not attending the BBQ, just the Run
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Guest 2
Guest 3

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* 3. Help from the members is encouraged this year. Please sign up for one or more of these item, and bring 1 side dish:

  Can Do Not 100%, but I will try
I can arrive at the campground early to reserve campsites
I can bring a folding table
I can bring extra plastic forks, knives, serving spoons & napkins
I can bring an appetizer or snack (check only only 1 meal item)
I can bring a salad (check only only 1 meal item)
I can bring a hot side dish (check only only 1 meal item)
I can bring a desert (check only only 1 meal item)
I can tow the BBQ trailer from Antonella's to the campground (free meal for one !)
I can tow the BBQ trailer from the campground to Antonella's (free meal for one !)
I can help with the BBQ grill cooking
I can help with clean up right after the BBQ dinner
I can help clean up the common area on Sunday morning
I am interested in joining the Sunday Bonus run, possibly to Snake Lake (leaves the campsite about 10 am)
Ok that's it.
Thanks for signing up for the August 2015 BBQ Run !   There will be follow-up emails a week or two before the run to for any changes or updates. And don't forget to bring a folding chair(s) for you and guests. Press the DONE button when complete. Thanks!