1. Goal Evaluation

The following are goals which were articulated for our committee during our April 2006 meeting. We hope to refine the list and get your input prior to our October meeting, when we will have a more in-depth discussion. This survey should only take you a few minutes. Thanks for your input. We look forward to discussing these issues further in October!

* 1. Please rate the following goals according to the relevance you feel they have to our committee's mission, with one meaning "not important" to four meaning "vital." You may also mark "eliminate as goal" or "redundant." If you feel any particular goals should be combined, please explain in the next section.

  (4) Vital to our Mission (3) Important (2) Somehwat Important (1) Not Important Should be eliminated Redundant
Giving voice to women within the organized bar:
Promoting women in the legal community into leadership positions and supporting effective women leaders;
Promoting women within the ISBA membership for positions on committees and for positions or inclusion in other important ISBA groups or projects by writing letters of support to the incoming President, all as part of a clear and well-articulated STRATEGY for increasing the representation of women in such positions of influence and leadership;
Encouraging awareness of our leaders and the issues they are addressing or should be addressing;
Articulating a policy for successful integration of women and our issues into the ISBA mainstream thinking about the profession;
Responding to proposed legislation and proposing legislation from a perspective consistent with our mission and purpose;
Creating a network, and also creating networking opportunities and providing guidance on how to network effectively by, among other things, holding receptions throughout the State, involving and profiling state and federal women judges (e.g., Rebecca Pallmeyer) to show other women that they can get there too;
Giving voice and incentive to women lawyers who need a place to talk about issues of importance to them;
Finding ways to find out HOW to determine what issues are of importance to women attorneys;
Reaching out through our Newsletter, for example, to get more members, especially men;
Promoting each other;
Finding out what happens to the women who “term off” this Committee, the Women and Minority Participation Committee, and the YLS;
Engaging in outreach efforts (not as an official policy but ‘under the radar’) to help find and promote women in office and on the bench;
Being a credible authority on the issues of importance and relevance to women so people will listen and HEAR US when we speak, give voice to, educate, and inform on these issues;

* 2. If you feel any of the above goals are redundant or should be combined, please explain here:

* 3. How long have you been a member of the Women & the Law Committee? (if you have been rotated out at some point and then re-appointed, please state the aggregate amount of time.)