How Are We Doing?

Thank you for visiting the Arts Cabins! If you have a minute we would appreciate your input on our new survey. Submissions are anonymous. Thank you!

* 1. Was this your first class with the Arts Cabins or are you a returning student? If so, what other classes have you taken with us?

* 2. What class did you take here at the Arts Cabins?

* 3. What was the length of your class?

* 4. Did you hire lodging during the class and if so where did you stay?

* 5. Please rate the following aspects of The Arts Cabins.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor Unacceptable N/A
Class size
Facility conditions
Quality of instruction
Overall quality of the class

* 6. Overall, how do you rate your visit to the Arts Cabins?

* 7. Overall, is our performance ...

* 8. Based on our performance, how likely is it that you will sign up for another class in the future?

* 9. If you have any suggestions regarding how we could improve please enter them in the box below.

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