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* 1. What is your connection to MiraCosta?

* 2. Where do you teach? (please select all that apply)

* 3. What would you consider to be your most comfortable pedagogical model?

* 4. Which more accurately describes your comfort with the web?

* 5. Please check all the technologies with which you have good familiarity (things you can define or have used).

* 6. Which of these same technologies are you using or have you considering using for your teaching?

* 7. POT will be creating five or six fully online tutorials this fall, with information, videos, and self-assessments. These will count for flex credit. What topics related to online pedagogy would be most useful to you?

* 8. What is your preferred format for workshops in online teaching? (you may like other formats too, but we want your most preferred)

* 9. What workshop(s) did you take today, and in what way was each most useful to you as a professional?

* 10. What types of online teaching workshops would be most useful to you in future?

100% of survey complete.