Q. Who should complete this form? 
All donors (and some NGOs) who are confident that they will be participating in What's Possible. Ideally, the 2-4 people who are most likely to participate should contribute.
Q. When should this form be completed? 
Ideally, you will send us a completed version prior to your 1:1 call, you can schedule those here. If the information is only partially complete before our call, we can complete it further together during our call. Our call and this form should be completed by 15 December.   

Q. How will this information be used?
 The information collected through this form and on our call will be used to  plan learning sessions, tailor our support to you as an individual organisation,  assess the status of our sector, and eventually to evaluate What’s Possible.

Q. Will this information be shared with anyone? 
Any private or organisational information disclosed in this form will remain confidential. We may however at a later stage share the collective learning gathered through this institute. When doing so, all information will be anonymised. If we decide to share learnings or progress of a particular organisation, this will be done collaboratively. 

Note: As this is confidential, we strongly encourage you to be as honest as possible in the intake process - both in completing this form and in our conversation.