* 1. Lab member, thank you for your interest in low flow attachments for your laboratory sinks for the sake of water conservation. The purpose of this survey is to gather information on the type of laboratory sink faucets found your lab so that the correct low flow attachments can be determined.

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* 2. Your email address:

* 3. Phone number:

* 4. Lab PI (Principal Investigator):

* 5. Building:

* 6. Lab Room Number(s) where sink faucets are located:

* 7. How many of the following lab sink faucets in each category would you like upgraded in your lab with low flow attachments for large water savings? Look for the following words or letters on the top of the vacuum breakers (the vertical section of your faucent) to know what type of faucets your lab has.

* 8. Other information you would like to provide