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Dylan Nexhip Ph: 0439 569 306
Jana Bruinier Ph: 0439 343 057

Shepparton Netball Association, Brauman Street 

Monday 10th December - 6:15pm to 8:30pm
Thursday 13th December - 6:15pm to 8:30pm

Please arrive 15mins prior and sign off at the Registration Desk.  Bring water bottle, towel - First aid on site and extra water to fill up!  Strapping is your own responsibility! 

Selection criteria: 
Positive Attitude
Team Work 
Club Commitment

The information supplied to us below is for Club use ONLY no information will be shared. 

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* 1. Please provide us with your details

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* 2. Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy

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* 3. What 2 positions would you like to trial for? (Preference Order)

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* 4. Do you have a preference for the Grade you Play (A, B or B Res)

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* 5. Are you available for all Trials?
Please note - It is expected that you attend all trials however we understand that sometimes that is not possible! Please let us know what trial date/s you are NOT available for?

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* 6. Do you have an Illness or Injury that we may need to know about that may effect you trialing?

Question 7.
Terms & Conditions:

# If you played during the 2018 season, this does not automatically guarantee you selection for 2019
# Each player must provide their 2 preferred playing positions. The selection panel will ensure the player has the opportunity to play in both. If player hasn't had the opportunity they must advise the selection pane. (Prior to final trial).
# A player maybe played out of position to fill a position, this player will not be judged on this performance.
# Selectors may feel that a player is best suited to a position not nominated, so do not be alarmed if played out of position nominated.
# If a player at any point during trials wishes to withdraw, please let us know prior to announcement of teams as soon as possible.
# If a player has a particular grade they do or do not want to play, please state on this registration form.

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* 7. Do you agree to the above Terms and Conditions as stated above ? (Yes / No )

Thank you for taking the time to register for Season 2019  Good Luck !!
If you require anymore information please contact
Jana Bruinier Ph: 0439 343 057 or Email jana.bruinier@gmail.com