Your details have been provided to our department as a Close Contact of a Covid-19 exposure. The definition of a Close Contact of Covid-19 is: 

Any individual who has had greater than 15 minutes face-to-face (less than 2 meters distance) contact with a  confirmed (laboratory) case, in any setting.
Household contacts are defined as persons living or sleeping in the same home; individuals in shared accommodation share kitchen or bathroom facilities, or sexual partners.
Healthcare workers, including laboratory workers, who have not worn appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or had a breach in PPE during the following exposures to the confirmed case:
  • Direct contact with the case (as defined above), their body fluids, or their laboratory specimen.
  • Present in the same room when an aerosol generating procedure is undertaken on the confirmed patient.
As you were identified as a close contact, it is important that you adhere to the correct home isolation see HPSC Home Isolation recommendations if that is recommended by Occupational Health