Thank you for applying for the Bold Steps Award! 

To be eligible for the Mayor's Bold Steps Award applicants must be Eugene based businesses which have completed the rethink certification process through the BRING rethink Business Program. Completing this application should only take 20-30 minutes of your time.

In the City of Eugene, social equity, the environment, and economics make up the triple bottom line of sustainability: these are the foundation for receiving the Bold Steps Award. As a Rethink certified business, your sustainability efforts have already been addressed by BRING's Rethink certification process, so for this application, please identify the innovative social equity and economic activities of your company.  In the narrative section there is an opportunity to provide detailed information about your company's "Boldest Step”.  You will see scoring criteria provided in each section. 

For additional information about this award program, please contact Deveron Musgrave at DMusgrave@eugene-or.gov or 541-682-6842.

To download a hard copy of the application, please click on this link: Bold Steps Application PDF