The Standing Committee of Analysts represents the collective knowledge of the UK in the provision of methodology which is given and shared freely for the purpose of ensuring quality and consistency in the chemical and microbiological analysis of water, waste water and related materials in the ‘Blue Book’ series of documents.

Clear, up to date, methodology produced by experts within their fields is key to the provision of robust, repeatable and accurate data. This is ever more important in the face of significant challenges from Regulations and Customers, and the potential threat of legal action. Achieving and maintaining documents of the required standard requires the contribution of the companies and organisations that will benefit from them.

The Strategic Board of the SCA has outlined its objectives for 2014-2019, and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in a brief (approx. 5-10 min) survey which will feed directly into the strategy for implementation of those objectives. Our goal being to ensure that the highest standards of methodology are available to analysts in the UK, and for use throughout the world.

Please tick all boxes that apply to you and feel free to circulate the link to this document to your colleagues and/or other individuals that ‘should be’, ‘want to be’, ‘need to be’ or ‘are’ using SCA Blue Book methods so that we can maximise the number of responses and therefore respond better to your feedback.

We would be grateful if you could complete the survey before 19th September 2014 - thank you.