About this survey and the Guidelines


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your feedback is vital to the development of the Guidelines!

This survey is split into five modules - the first three explore the headline areas of the ‘Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement' (GEPEs) - Dialogue; Data/Knowledge Sharing; and Partnership. Following this, we would like your views on the GEPEs in general, and in the final section we ask for some details about your organisation.

This survey should take you around 15-20 minutes to complete, we appreciate the time you are committing to complete this survey, it will help us to ensure that the GEPEs reflect the views of a wide cross-section of organisations.

About the Guidelines...

The GEPEs are voluntary and non-binding and seek to clarify the 'collaboration aspirations' of the philanthropic community. They were drafted by members of netFWD as well as representatives from the European Foundation Centre, Stars Foundation, WINGS, UNDP and the OECD.

The Guidelines aim to promote the forging of innovative partnerships with governments and other stakeholders, and contribute to establishing an enabling environment for more conducive and effective development collaboration. They aim to foster mutual recognition between philanthropic actors and governments on the basis of their comparative advantages and value added, as well as to draw the contours of how best to work together.