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* 1. Type of organization

* 2. Name of organization:

* 3. Overall mission of organization

* 4. Type of activity of section or department

* 5. Number of people in section or department

* 6. Do you encounter specific challenges related to software or hardware that limit information management?

* 7. Do you have internal Information Technology (IT) support?

* 8. Do you have an information management system in use already? If yes: What system (name of system, GDACS/VirtualOSOCC, Groove, MIC Daily, other)?

* 9. Do you use

* 10. What platforms are used (Internet browser, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Android, etc)?

* 11. What geographic information is needed for decision-making in your job?

* 12. Do you use

* 13. If all of the above were combined into one tool, would you use it

* 14. Do you have internet access during your field missions

* 15. Work environment:

* 16. What type of information is currently exchanged to/from field?

* 17. In what format is information exchanged?

* 18. Through which communication means is information exchanged with field?

* 19. How frequent is information from the field updated (number of times per day or week)?

* 20. Do you have a need for a more frequent update?

* 21. What capacity would your ideal information management system for emergency response have? Please range in order of priority, 1 being highest priority, putting priority next to listed capacity. (you need to use each number 1-5 once, and you may put a 6 in the 'other' collumn)

* 22. Comments to survey

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