Remembrance Parks Central Victoria is dedicated to continuous improvement and your feedback helps us enhance our services to families and the community. Please take a few minutes to provide us your feedback based on your experience with us.  

* 1. Which of our sites looked after the final care of your loved one?

* 2. When making enquiries over the phone, I found RPCV staff to be knowledgeable, courteous and responsive.

* 3. RPCV staff resolved my telephone enquiry without the need for follow-up.

* 4. When making enquiries in person at the front counter, the staff were both professional and understanding.

* 5. The staff assisting with the interment at the graveside were courteous and well presented.

* 6. The on-site chapels/functions centre staff were helpful, and the facilities were well maintained.

* 7. The on-site food and beverage service was of high quality and good value for money.

* 8. The remembrance park’s amenities (including bathroom facilities) were clean, accessible and well maintained.

* 9. I found the cemetery grounds and gardens to be well maintained, safe and peaceful.

* 10. Overall, the RPCV staff helped make the whole process run as smoothly as possible.