1. Alley Allies Pre-Workshop Survey Boise Neighborhood

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Are you interested in making the alleyway behind your home more attractive and interesting? Portland Alley Project and Boise Neighborhood Association want to help you. This spring and summer, we'll be working with neighbors to envision and implement projects to make our shared spaces places more useful, more beautiful, and safer for recreation. So tell us about your alleyway and your concerns, skills and interests - we want to hear from you!

Feel free to contact Cheryl by email leontina@pdx.edu or by phone 503-586-4709 if you would like to meet and discuss your alley ideas!

Answer only the questions want to:

* 1. About you

* 2. Do you rent or own your home on the Alley? Check one.

* 3. What type of alley do you live on? Check all that apply:

* 4. What concerns do you have about your alley? Check all that apply:

* 5. What skills can you provide the project? Check all that apply:

* 6. Please check the appropriate box if you have the following items:

* 7. How would you like to be involved in alley projects? Check all that apply:

* 8. What aspects of your alley would like to maintain? Check all that apply:

* 9. What kinds of improvements are you interested in? Check your top five (5) from below: