The Trustees of the Ashby Free Library are interested in what you think about the Ashby Free Public Library and how you use it. To better understand your needs and thoughts, please take a few minutes to answer this survey.

* 1. How do you use the library?

  Daily Weekly Monthly Rarely Never
In person
Online through the website
Online Services like audio books

* 2. Online Usage

  Yes No
Are you online?
Do  you use Audio Books?
Do you use eBooks?
Do you use another online service through the library?
Should the library have other online resources of information?

* 3. Library Website

  Yes No
Have you signed up for emails that will notify you of new books and videos?
Is there something missing on the library website that you would like to see?

* 4. Social Media

  Yes No
Do you use Facebook?
Do you know the library has a Facebook page?
Have you "liked" the library's page?
Is there something missing on the page that you would like to see?

* 5. Check those activities for which the library should provide space.

* 6. Other Libraries

  Yes No
Should the Library collaborate with other groups in town to sponsor/publicize events?
Do you use other libraries?

* 7. Library Hours

  Yes No
Do the library hours fit your needs? T 10-5, W&Th 1-8, Sat 9:30 – 1:30

* 8. Any other general feedback.

Thank you for completing this survey.