Annual Activity Report for LFL's Frontline

On behalf of all the Lutherans For Life staff, greetings in the name of the Lord!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Hilary Haak (Murray) and I am the new Mission and Ministry Director for Lutherans For Life. I am thrilled and humbled to be chosen for this position and I ask for your prayers.

I pray that you and your life group had a wonderful year being Gospel-motivated voices for life. All of us at Lutherans For Life are excited to hear of successful events and joyous stories. As you look forward into the year 2017, have courage for the tasks at hand. I also ask you to share your struggles, frustrations, and discouraging situations that you may be dealing with within your life group so that I may pray for, encourage and help you through them.

An Annual Activity Report is hardly a decent way to get to know you. Shortly after receiving your report I will be giving you a call. I would like the chance to visit with you not only about the information you provide on the report and offer any support that I can, but also to simply visit with you to hear about the blessed life that our Lord has given to you. Please do not hesitate to reach out before that! I would love to hear from you at any time about anything! May the Lord strengthen you and be with you always. 

Your Sister For Life and In Christ,

Hilary Haak
Mission and Ministry Director

Please note: If you are in the state of Texas or Minnesota, you will be contacted by the following:

Regional Director of Texas
Barbara Geistfeld

Regional Director of Minnesota
Virginia Flo


* 1. Name of Church (Life Team)/Life Chapter/Life Ministry Coordinator:

* 2. Current Position: Life Team Leader, Life Chapter President, Life Ministry Coordinator:

* 3. Officers of the Chapter- (Please include address if officer is a new member.)

* 4. Life Team Members:

* 5. Please select your top 2 sources for news and information that Lutherans For Life provides.

* 6. If any, how many of your Life Group Members have been certified in Tool 3 of the Life Team Tool Kit:

* 7. Please select the stage that your life group is currently in:

* 8. Have you received Life Team Leader training via Life Team Kit, Tool 2?

* 9. If yes, thank you for doing that! Would you be interested in purchasing the updated Life Team Tool Kit that has been improved after having a successful first generation use (all 4 Tool for $45 including shipping and copy rights)?

* 10. If no, would you be interested in purchasing the updated Life Team Tool Kit that has been improved after having a successful first generation use (all 4 Tools for $45, including shipping and copy rights)?

* 11. Please indicate how often your life group meets:

* 12. Select 3 words that describe your life group/church ministry best.

* 13. Please briefly explain why you chose each word:

* 14. What has been your biggest challenge in 2016? Has the challenge been resolved? If yes, how did you resolve it? If no, can we help you with this challenge in any way?

* 15. If you would like, please share your favorite life story or event from 2016.

* 16. Any other Questions or Comments: