School Board Meeting Public Comment

The Lewisburg Area School District Board of School Directors will hear public comments at School Board meetings.  The public is advised of the following:

Per LASD Policy 006  and Title 65 Public Officers of PA Code, the public can make comments on agenda items and non-agenda items.   Public comment on agenda items occurs at the beginning of the meeting, and public comment on non-agenda items occurs at the end of the meeting.  The member of the public must be a resident of the Lewisburg Area School District, state his/her name, and state his/her address.  

To allow for public comments during School Board meetings that necessitate the use of Zoom for public participation, we ask that members of the public complete this survey.   Members of the public will be prompted to list their names, addresses, and comments to have their comments heard for agenda items and non-agenda items.  The comments, along with the names and addresses of the members of the public,  will be read out loud at the appropriate sections of the meeting.   Members of the public can add their comments before or during the meeting.   

Members of the community may direct non-public communications to the School Board via email at 

For more information about public participation at School Board meetings, please see LASD Policy 006

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* 1. Is your comment on an agenda item or a non-agenda item?

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