American Adaptations of Foreign FIlm

A survey of opinions regarding American version remakes of foreign film

* 1. Do you think foreign films should be remade for english language audiences?

* 2. Do you think American versions of other english language films (British/Australian) are necessary?

* 3. Do you think American adaptations should be loyal to the original source material?

* 4. Do you think American Adaptations should present a novel approach if they should be remade at all?

* 5. Why do you think Hollywood makes so many adaptations of foreign film?

* 6. Do you find sequels (film series) to be of similar quality or substance to remakes (foreign film adaptations)?

* 7. What do American adaptations get right?

* 8. What do American adaptations usually get wrong?

* 9. What is the best American remake of a foreign film?

* 10. What is the worst American remake of a foreign film?